{Maria Clara Speaks} I Am My Hair

Maria Clara Speaks is a sub-blog for my master’s thesis project, containing personal reflections and recollections pertaining to the research on the Maria Clara archetype. This is also where I will share some embarrassing stories about my life.

[Originally written on August 29, 2017; video recorded November 3, 2019.]



[Video description: No audio included. Snapchat filter applied: sparkles in the air, hair of the young woman is colored purple, heavy eyelashes are applied to her eyes. Young woman is looking into the camera, sweeps hair on one side to frame her face. She winks and smiles at the end.]

For more than 10 years, I had lied to people about who I am. It was a lie that often went unnoticed because it was something that could not easily be identified. It was taken for granted, and no one questioned if I was hiding the truth. But if you have not seen me in person for a while, then you ought to be surprised when I tell you: My hair was a lie; I do not have naturally straight hair.

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