Regarding “Family”: A Fil-Am Perspective

It has taken me some time to write my thoughts on Alex Tizon’s posthumous memoir that was published in The Atlantic last week. As a Fil-Am, I was thrilled to hear about a Fil-Am story being published in a nationally-recognized magazine. But the excitement was short-lived, when I read the entire memoir about the Tizon family and their “katulong,” Eudocia Tomas Pulido. In the beautifully written narrative that depicted a certain aspect of Filipino life and culture, I felt unnerved and triggered by its contents.

This is because Lola Eudocia was familiar to me…
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We Have A Community Problem

[Photo source: Jeffrey James Pacres (Flickr: Creative Commons)]

We have just started celebrating Filipino American History Month. At this time, I feel that I must bring up a conversation that began a while back, as it is essential to our growth and unity as a community. Continue reading We Have A Community Problem

Please Don’t Ask If I Have a Job Now (And Other Grief-Sensitive Things)

The past few months has opened my eyes and my mind to the other side of life, which is death. Death is complicated to talk about, mainly because we are afraid of its inevitability. But to be in the position where Death has approached a loved one–without consulting with me if I was okay with such a meeting–and led them over to the other side, I cannot ignore the thought of mortality. Continue reading Please Don’t Ask If I Have a Job Now (And Other Grief-Sensitive Things)