Pinay’Merican: Dreams From My Mother

Pinay’Merican¬†is a series of personal entries about exploring identity, as a Filipino-American, an aspiring writer, and a¬†millennial. This is also kinda sorta for my final project in Asian American Media this semester.

[Originally written on Oct 15th, 2013. Recent additions/edits made throughout.]

At some point in our lives, we all feel the need to learn about our past and extensions of our pasts (e.g., family, heritage, childhood). Looking into the histories of our parents, our families, and our cultures helps us to gain a grounded sense of who we are. When we think of our parents or ancestors that set roots in the country we live in, we feel pride and gratitude for all the sacrifices that have been made, even if we don’t always show it. Continue reading Pinay’Merican: Dreams From My Mother