{trying to form a routine?}

I have used a weekly planner since I was in high school. It was very useful for keeping track of assignments, projects, events, and appointments that often filled up my schedule. But that changed when I was no longer in school for about 4 years, in which I mainly used the planner to keep track of my days. Even after I returned to school, as a graduate student, it was mainly to record what I did or what I have to anticipate.

Right now, it is being used to count the days of how long I have kept myself in quarantine… and it is distressing to see how long I have broken my routine since the outbreak happened: Continue reading {trying to form a routine?}

{living in a Sim-ulation during COVID-19}

Another check-in: I am doing fine. This is my 4th day in a row of staying at home. Right now, it is sunny and quiet outside. Chilly, from the cold air that seeps in through the opened window and the sliding door of the deck. At least it brings in fresh air, but I have yet to step outside to get some sun for my skin. Mother noted that I look pale… (Reminder: “Stay home” should also include “within the limits of my own property”, so I plan to walk around the yard of my house, when it is not so chilly outside.)

Some time ago, I wrote out a list of activities that I could be doing during the social distancing. What was not included–more of a “spur of the moment” decision–was playing a computer game that I used to obsess over, many years ago: The Sims. Continue reading {living in a Sim-ulation during COVID-19}

{a meditation on toilet paper}

In this time of confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety, we might end up reflecting on our own lives and how we carried out our business before this all happened. I will cut to the chase by sharing my own meditation, after a week of transitioning into a social distancing lifestyle (if I should start calling that, given the bleakness of time that will pass, as this pandemic persists)…

[Not sure if I should include a NSFW tag here, but I will mention bathroom business below the jump. The title should have given that away~] Continue reading {a meditation on toilet paper}