{a meditation on toilet paper}

In this time of confusion, uncertainty, and anxiety, we might end up reflecting on our own lives and how we carried out our business before this all happened. I will cut to the chase by sharing my own meditation, after a week of transitioning into a social distancing lifestyle (if I should start calling that, given the bleakness of time that will pass, as this pandemic persists)…

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{reflections of a career-student}

Finally reached the spring semester of grad school, and two weeks have already gone by. To say the least, I am now feeling overwhelmed by all the assignments I have to complete weekly, while also keeping in mind of upcoming projects and deadlines for things within and outside of my institution!

As of this moment, I am procrastinating on reading a book for one class and a few PDFs for another class, or writing a draft for a semester-long project of a memoir piece, or trying to organize group ideas for a presentation due in one month… by writing this blog post, as a movie plays in the background of the room I’m currently occupying in my house! I have no idea where to totally focus my attention for more than a minute.

I keep thinking, “why is this?” For the majority of my life, I have been a student. By now, I should know how to prioritize tasks, plan accordingly, and take breaks to rest my mind. But since coming back to school, to pursue a master’s degree, I decided to actually question these things and to reflect on my past experiences as a student at other levels. What had happened to me, at certain points in my life as a student, that prevented me from achieving a more favorable status as a “well-rounded student” who could balance different aspects of her life…?

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{thank u, next; was a 2019 mood}

The new year has finally come; thank Siren’s blend! (Have yet to try that coffee at Starbucks…) I originally started this post on November 30th, but a lot happened between then and now that kept me from giving attention to this blog!

My second semester of grad school starts next week, so the least I can do is update before I am drifted back into the grind~ (Most likely, I’ll come back here for MCS writings!)

[The following text has minor edits, to fit in with the timeline of events. Apologies for weird wording!]

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